We come into contact with a lot of companies and organisations that have a positive attitude towards their staff making use of social media, yet many of them also feel they need some guidance. What should we allow, and what should we not allow? What kind of behaviour does the company want to encourage? What should be discouraged? How should employees deal with social media during working hours?

Unfortunately, for some organisations, the lack of any such guidance is reason enough not to start exploring the possibilities of social media at all. But it’s not really all that difficult, or new for that matter. We all know, for instance, that you should not leak confidential business information, and this will no doubt already be covered in the employment contract. We understand, though, that in some cases it is helpful to have a social media policy or code of conduct in place. For this reason, we have developed a social media policy generator for organisations that take a positive stance towards their staff making use of social networks.

Please complete the fields with the details of your organisation, answer some simple questions and make a few choices. Within only a few moments, you will be e-mailed your ready-to-go Social Media Policy, tailor-made for your organisation. Your Social Media Policy is provided ready for use, but you are of course free to modify it further as you see fit.

Oh, and about the price? We provide it completely free of charge as feedbackware. You may use it however you see fit, but we always appreciate your feedback: what works, what doesn’t, what did you add yourself or what’s missing? Please let us know, so we can improve the next version!

Wait no longer and start creating your Social Media Policy now!